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Econo Lodge Fraser Gateway is located in the vibrant heart of Pialba in Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay is known as the “Whale Watching Capital of the World”. Hervey Bay is very different and special to other Whale watching destinations because visitors are able to see whales and their calves frolicking together. Hervey Bay is the Humpback whales main resting area before their return to Antarctic.

Travel to Hervey Bay between July and November to experience this “must see” wildlife experience. Call us on 07 4128 3666 to book your Accommodation and Whale Watching tour.  The Team at Econo Lodge Fraser Gateway can provide advice on selecting a tour that will suit your needs.

Whale Watching tours offer:

  • Morning or afternoon tours
  • Tour pick up from Econo Lodge Fraser Gateway
  • Expert commentary
  • A number of operators have underwater viewing windows
  • Complimentary morning/afternoon tea
  • Ultimate comfort & safety
  • Guaranteed sightings (if no whales are sighted an open return ticket is issued to passenger)

Humpback whales generally live in the Antarctic waters during summer time December to April. As the Antarctic becomes colder not only does the food become more scarce, but the waters become too cold for these warm-blooded animals. Young calves would find it hard to survive if it wasn’t for their protection layer of blubber.

Up to 1500 humpback whales migrate from Antarctic waters through South Island New Zealand up the east coast of Australia to the base of the Great Barrier Reef. Australians watch whales all the way up the east coast of Australia as they pass by and there are eyes at the ready to spot the all-white humpback whale, Migaloo, who has been visiting Australian waters almost yearly.

Hervey Bay is unique for Whale Watching because the whales don’t just swim past they stop for a number of weeks and use the bay as a resting area before their return journey. This rest period gives their calves time to develop a protective layer of blubber so they can follow their mothers through the South Pacific and Southern Oceans to the cold Antarctic waters. When these mammals reach Hervey Bay they have travelled about 5000kms from the Antarctic so they are thoroughly exhausted and look forward to a rest before their return.

Call us on 07 4128 3666 to book your Accommodation and whale watching tour.



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